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The Equerion Group is specialized in intellectual property (IP) and legal services and solutions. The Equerion Group consists of a multidisciplinary and flexible group of companies, resources and associates around the world.

Equerion develops online information services and systems focused, but not exclusively, on legal and IP content. Equerion is a partner of LexisNexis in the provision of one of the leading IP global resources: Global IP Law Service.

Unumbio, part of the Equerion Group, offers the creation, correction, digitalization, transformation and maintenance of databases and content. It also provides the development of patent and trademark databases for almost any country; IP case law and legislation collections; and custom IP reports.

Inventia, part of the Equerion Group, offers Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and non-PCT patent translations in 60 languages, patent drawing preparation and document legalization services in over 110 countries.

The management of Equerion has a solid background and has been offering these services for the last +28 years, earning a solid reputation in online products and electronic content, IPQuester.com, LexisNexis® IPinstaLaw, LexisNexis® Global IP Law Service, DomainQuester and LexisNexis® Matthew Bender® (formerly Oxford University Press) World Manual on IP.

Equerion's developments are based on a per project model, building the most appropriate team for every project, minimizing fixed costs. It is Equerion's philosophy: keeping it smaller, keeping it smarter.
Adrian Zapatero Adrian Zapatero
Intellectual property expert with more than 28 years of experience in the international field. He worked for IP firms in Argentina, United States and Venezuela, managing the IP international portfolios of leading worldwide corporations, with a successful track record in patent drafting and filing throughout the world. He is the author of the content of LexisNexis® Global IP Law Service, Oxford University Press/Matthew Bender® World Manual on IP and Equerion IPQuester.com and other IP related publications as well.
Erwin Cortagerena Erwin Cortagerena
Digital information specialist (since 1998) managing the research, development and execution of start-ups and projects focused on content with global projection. He has been leading IP-related projects in over 30 countries, including cutting-edge publications like LexisNexis® Global IP Law Service, Oxford University Press/Matthew Bender® World Manual on IP and Equerion IPQuester.com. As Director of Unum.bio, he has been managing IP data projects for the main players in the market.
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